The Patio
Sitting On The Patio

I’ve been Poorly and my lovely sister Sheila invited me to stay at her house in Sufolk.
Arthur has been feeding the ducks on the lake and we’ve all been looking at the stars.

so softly she tiptoes
around my bed
and wipes the sweat drops
from my head
with an everlasting smile
she stills my fears for a while
sweet nurse my dear
so good you’re near
to take away the pain
LGI Cardiac Care Unit March 2011

One thought on “Convalescing

  1. Dear Martin, I hope you got my other message. It was good to talk to you yesterday. You have a perfect spot to rest in. You also have a great opportunity for a lot of new stuff to enter your life. Being Resurrected at Easter has to mean something special !!!!
    Take care of yourself, Love and Blessings, Pat.

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