A Christmas Poem

Happy Christmas Everyone! Here’s a poem about my friend Dee who is in Australia
t’was christmas on streetlane
and all through the house
nothing was stirring
not even a mouse

little arthur and marmalade
were asleep in their bed
they’d been waiting for Santa
to arrive on his sled

and when christmas day dawned
they awoke with such glee
to open their presents
from under the tree

there’s one there for you
and there’s one here for me
and then marmalade cried
it’s her first christmas you see

don’t cry little marm
said arthur her friend
for christmas is a time
for all sadness to end

I know said little marm
but there’s one thing I miss
one thing so precious
’tis naught but a kiss

We have turkey and mince pies
and presents galore,
chocolates and ribbons
said arthur, what more?

We have all of those things
and a lot more besides
said marmalade sadly
with tears in her eyes

but their’s one that’s thing missing
from the side of our tree
and the one thing that’s missing
is our new found friend dee

I miss her kind face
and her falling asleep
they way that she laughs
and even her feet

and the three of us sat
in the christmas tree glow
as three wise men may have sat
so long ago

and we thought of our passion
of love turned to dust
and we thought of our lives
and of all that we trust

We thought about christmas
which comes once a year
and we thought of our friends
and we wished they were here

we thought of the millions
who are dying each day
from disease and starvation
while holy men pray

and we thought about meaning
but we couldn’t decide
so we poured some mulled wine
and we just let it ride

as the wine took it’s course
and after a while
little arthur and marmalade
managed a smile

a smile for a man
who was born on this day
a smile for a friend
who is so far away

for love is the key
and despite what some think
the christmas spirit
is not what you drink

so we opened our presents
and marm gave a sigh
it’s just what I wanted
a brand new bow tie

and arthur got giddy
a new hat for me
I’ll wear it for sherlock
when he’s on tv

then marm put down cheese
in a gesture of peace
for the mice of this world
to have a christmas day feast

so t’was christmas on streetlane
and all through the house
no one was left out…
not even a mouse


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