A Walk In The Park

A Walk In The Park

summer days grow cold and dark
as shadows lengthen in the park
the sibling swans no longer grey
on infant wings have flown away

up above a lone gull swoops
and steals the bread, from the squabbling coots
no quarter given, none do they take
in the quest for food, upon the lake.

magpies fly, two by two
black crows caw and the wild doves coo
whilst scurrying squirrels leave the trees
to hide their nuts for the winter freeze

and the flowers once so bright and gay
now hang their heads and turn away,
their leaves fall withered to the ground
their scentless petals all around

but winter days will soon depart
new life will return, once more to the park
the swans and ducks will lay again
and roses will bloom in the soft summer rain

Roundhay Park Leeds Nov 2011


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