This is Arthur’s corner. Arthur is a philosopher and stress councilor, and likes to watch the news. He is also a fan of Sherlock Holmes and wears his Sherlock hat whenever he watches  him on TV.  He plays the lottery every week and so far has won over one hundred pounds, which he keeps in his wallet. He likes to cook but things always go wrong. He also plays the pan pipes


Arthur plays hide and seek. See if you can find him
(Hint: Marmalade’s sitting on his head)067

This is Arthur’s sister also called Arthur. She lives in Soutwold. Arthur comes from a family of three and their mother named them all Arthur. That way she only had to shout “Arthur, your dinners ready,” and they all came runningArthurs Brother

Arthur dons his Sherlock hat to watch an episode of Sherlock HolmesWatchingSherlock


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