Midnight Writings

The Midnight Writers are a unique community of writers, artists and poets. Some published, some not. The site is owned and run by writers, for writers. We do not carry advertising, banners or fees of any kind.  Our mission is to promote new writing, by way of critique and advice from our members, and we can trace our origins back to the now closed BBC’s Get Writing site

If you enjoy writing you can apply for membership on line.

Here’s a link to the Midnight Writers Public Forum. Most publishers will only accept work that has not been previously published, including on the internet. There are works by many talented writers, poets and musicians, some published, some not. The public forum contains a few of posts, that the authors have authorised to be published.


Here are a few other  links. You will need the free Adobe PDF Reader to read them.

Uncle Freddy’s Suit. A Short Story
Goldfish In The Coal Fields.  A Very Short Story
Ghosts In The Fire.   A Christmas tale
Out of Everything.  A Short Poem
The Thirty Quid Telly.  A monologue


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