Rhymes From The Bottom of a Glass

House of the Rising Sun – Sinead O’Conner

Alcoholic (Haiku)
reflections I see
in the bottom of a glass
the dregs of my life

Shed No Tears
everything in life just turns back into sand
the love you thought would last, has crumbled in your hand
the words that once you sang, are dead and gone
it’s just the memory of the tune that lingers on
but shed no tears, the world will turn anew
and you’ll soon forget the sadness, that you knew.

leave the memories behind don’t let them follow you
forget the love you lost, go find something new
for life is just a dream and nothing more
a fleeting glance, a tune without a score
so shed no tears, take the pride that is your due
and maybe someone soon, will cry for you

 I Shake my Head
gazing at the roses
in the cool evening air
she sits in the garden
a flower in her hair

and she smiles
for a while
through the tears she has shed
and I shake my head

only love she does say
can make you want to stay
as with a sigh and a kiss
she turns and walks away

and I smile
for a while
through the tears that I shed
and she shakes her head

and the world we had made
fell from its cradle to its grave
and the love we had found
lay in pieces on the ground

thoughts that keep turning

inside of my head
words in my mind
that never get said

like ships in the night
my thoughts pass me by
who knows where they’re heading
and who cares why

our thoughts are our masters
to whom we’re in debt
for we can learn to remember
but not to forget




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